Environmental Policy

Our objective is to identify both ecologically and economically sound recycling strategies to steadily increase the fraction of secondary raw materials drawn from the input. Thanks to innovative processing methods, secondary raw materials and refuse-derived fuels are already provided in appropriate quality and quantity for the domestic industry. Legal conformity is an essential target.

For this reason, adherence to standards, laws, stipulations and requirements relating to environmental issues, to which the company is committed, is consistently pursued. Our intention is constant improvement and the prevention of environmental pollution. The company's environmental policy is based on the following principles of action; its activities are regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with these principles as well as that of continuous improvement of operational environmental protection.

  • We promote awareness of responsibility for the environment among our staff.

  • We assess the environmental impact of every new activity, product or process in advance.

  • We assess and monitor the impact of current activities on the local area and the broader environment.

  • We do what is needed to prevent and eliminate environmental pollution and apply technologies that are as environmentally compatible as possible.

  • We do what is needed to prevent the accidental release of pollutants or energy.

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