Corporate Policy

Our company policy focuses on the success of our customers, our workforce and consequently our company. Good relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers are our top priority. We consider our customers partners: they decide on the success and continued existence of our company. We want to identify their wishes and future tasks early on and reliably respond to them. Our essential prerequisite is the qualification, education and spirit of the entire workforce. For this reason we are committed to educating our staff and equipping them with the know-how and skills they need by attending seminars and courses.

Our corporate culture is characterised by open interaction and targeted collaboration. We want to maintain frank communication with all interested parties. Ideas arising from mutual exchange and our know-how create new business areas, securing our long-term prospects. We are determined to meet statutory and client-specific requirements under perfect economic conditions in terms of quality, work safety and environmental protection. For this reason, adherence to any standards, laws, stipulations and requirements to which the company is committed is consistently pursued.

We want to continuously adapt and improve the environmental QMS to changing conditions and thus create a distinct lead over our competitors. Our task and challenge is to question established practices and to develop trendsetting solutions by continued improvement. Matters from the product industry as well as from the process industry have to be considered. We regard problems and identified errors as chances to improve and innovate. Therefore we undertake to design sturdier processes, preventing failures.

Thanks to innovative processing methods, secondary raw materials and refuse-derived fuels are already provided in appropriate quality and quantity for the domestic industry. Our objective is to identify both ecologically and economically sound recycling strategies to steadily increase the fraction of secondary raw materials drawn from the input. We consistently  focus on permanent improvement to prevent environmental pollution.

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