Our History

The company was founded in 1958 by Anton Mayer. For this reason, we can look back now on 60 years of corporate history.

As early as 1993, the company was involved in the recovery of recyclables and in the same year commissioned the first Styrian sorting plant for household and packaging waste. This was followed by the construction of a organic waste processing plant for composting and, in 2004, by the commissioning of the mechanical splitting plant for domestic and commercial waste to generate refuse-derived fuels and to recover ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Since recovered ferrous metals are highly contaminated by plastics and other pollution, they cannot be returned directly to the economic cycle. To increase the purity of these materials and enable recycling, the company developed the Metal Composite Separation Plant, which was put into operation in 2010. At the same time, Austria's only processing plant for residues from the paper industry was built - known as the Reject Plant.

Based on a research project, the company launched the world's first X-ray fluorescence system for metals in 2013 to provide the industry with non-ferrous metals of sufficient quality.

The family business is now managed by its third generation, headed by Ing. Andreas Säumel and his wife Mag. Claudia Säumel, and it will continue to be a pioneer in recycling and the development of modern and sustainable systems.

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